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Tinder Profile Redesign

First, I did a survey with friends who are existing users to find out what they like/ dislike about Tinder’s existing UX/UI.
Group size: 8

Note: As a product designer at Tinder with access with data from real users, my design decisions would be informed differently and might differ from what’s presented here.

PAIN POINTS for existing users

  • Have to tap to “open” up a profile.

  • Don’t like the brief moment when user does not know if the profile user has more photos or not/ or if the other photos are more “finding Waldo” type photos.

  • The action to “like” and “pass” while in the profile is different (buttons) from when the profile isn’t open (swiping left and right).

  • Lots of users include their Instagram handle on Tinder but there’s no integration, would also be great if you can open their profile on Instagram with 1 tap. Users now have to manually go to Instagram and input potential matches’ handle by memorizing.

Then, I did a quick research on Tinder’s most recent marketing campaigns and it seemed to me that Tinder has been trying to market the product as a platform for users to meet their future partners.

That informed some of my design decisions. For example, when I chose to showcase more photos/ information on the first page to match users not just based on an initial superficial attraction from one primary photo but to quickly find out if potential matches have more in common from other photos they might have uploaded showing them doing things they love.

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