this portfolio is designed chronologically to showcase my life changes, achievements and experience as one seamless journey. 

Send the message that is hard to send on Closure

iOS App Idea - Not developed

“Send it. Get Closure. Move the fuck on."

App Goal: Allows people to send anonymous messages to a public feed. These are messages which users want to send to another but can’t.

Unlike other anonymous sharing apps like Secret, Yik Yak and Whisper, Closure aims to build empathy.

Logo Design

Closure aims to allow the user to be able to let go of something by the act of delivering a message that he/she has been dying to get off his/her chest. The logo was designed to portray that idea. 

The logo is an origami paper heart that is not completely folded before a message is sent. Once it is sent, the heart closes and is complete.

Initial Mocks

Prototype Demo

Content Discovery & Bookmarking Platform

Optimizing Design Tool to increase avg time spent