this portfolio is designed chronologically to showcase my life changes, achievements and experience as one seamless journey. 

Redesigning Landing Page

The old landing page of myWebRoom had a bad conversion rate. There was constant feedback that it was unclear what we do. Out of 10 guesses, none of it would hit the nail on exactly what myWebRoom does. Even if there was a small conversion rate, it was not ideal that users did not know what they were signing up for, or were signing up expecting an entirely different product. 

 Old landing page of myWebRoom

Old landing page of myWebRoom

As myWebRoom is a product for the young millennials who are trying to find their style and footing in this world, I wanted the landing page to give a fun vibe as well as be clear about the value we give. 

Initial Sketches

To play to our demographic, I wanted the landing page to have elements that potential users could relate to. Since the product can be a little bit tricky to understand for new users, I also wanted to onboard them right from the start so that the experience can be seamless for them.

Different Ideas

We tested various variations on Unbounce to see which one converts the best. The versions vary in UI as well as different types of descriptions, storylines, etc. 

The Final Design

The final landing page is live here.

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