this portfolio is designed chronologically to showcase my life changes, achievements and experience as one seamless journey. 

Designing & Introducing Customized Feed

myWebRoom has always wanted its platform to be your homepage, your one-stop to getting all the news and content you care about. We visit a multitude of different websites everyday but most of us stay loyal to a few that we like to get our updates from. myWebRoom wants to streamline that process for users and bring you updates from your favorite sites personally on one platform. 

Everything we have worked on was worked on to prepare the site for this feature. We wanted users to engage with the content on our site first, knowing that their feed consists of content from various sites on the internet. Finally, it's time to develop this feature that is crucial to the product's growth. 

Quick Sketches

As we are adding onto an existing interface, it is important to work around limitations (within reason). I had to leave existing elements that I wanted to improve on alone, and focus on the task at hand. At this point, both our desktop and mobile versions are also live. The desktop and mobile design of this feature was worked on concurrently. 

grayscale motion wireframes

With so much going on in the UI, simple grayscale wireframes demonstrate the required consistency and hierarchy of the elements in each screen. This creates a good basis for talking about navigation systems and type variations/ button styles based on prioritizing what we want to call out.

The timeline that was set aside for this development was pretty tight. It was one of our strategies to push it out an MVP and see if users are using it before we work on enhancing the feature. 

It was important to me that we do not have to introduce the feature to users by means of explaining it but rather through intuitive design. 

Quick variations for feedback & discussion

Prototype Test


I had to work closely with the engineers to make sure what we had the time and capabilities to realize what I was trying to design. Naturally, there were stuff that I had to let go of, and work around.

Final Mockups

Challenges & Lessons Learnt

  1. As I was designing for this feature, there were many other things I wanted to change with regards to the product's UI/UX. Although I did work on them during my free time, I had to focus on only presenting what was relevant but communicate the other improvements to the stakeholders and have them be added to our backlog of things to work on.
  2. Some parts of the implementation were not implemented as specified. Having worked in the architectural industry, I have always been careful to make sure that I treat my designs as being permanent fixtures in other people's lives. I understand that even though as a virtual product, the time to get to changing it may be shorter and more likely than as a building, the reality is that a lot of things are going to be worked on before we get to another iteration of said feature. Communication with the engineers is key. We worked closely together but it could have been improved so that no detail goes missing. 

Clicks by returning users

Currently, we are tracking clicks on "manage sources" and the number of sources that have been added to our site by our users. It is also in our backlog to improve on the feature and the overall interface to make it more intuitive for users to know its value.

Update: 4/14/2016

Analytics haven't shown that users are aware of this feature. I started working on iterations to bring out the value mwr gives to users, being very deliberate in my design. 

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