myWebRoom - Optimizing designer tool to increase average time spent on site

The unique room environment of myWebRoom is the product's main user interface. The appeal lies in being able to personalize your room using real products that are also available for purchase in the shop. Based on user feedback, we learnt that effective customization of a room to represent one's personality is a crucial part of one's identity on our platform (akin to keeping your Facebook or Twitter profile page presentable!). It is essential that our designer tool is simple and engaging. 

Desire outcome: To increase the average time spent on our platform by engaging users designing their rooms

Understanding the problem: I analyzed products with similar tools; I interviewed existing users (both top active users and users who have stopped returning to our site; we analyzed our current design and held sketch sessions/ did affinity mapping

Ideate - Using Pen & Paper and Post-Its with imagination, articulation and a little sassiness

6-up sketches, dot voting, role playing

Design - Using Balsamiq, Keynote, Photoshop and Fireworks with a willingness to learn from your team, effective collaboration and management

User flows, wireframes, prototypes, usability testing